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Jince T Thomas

Legal Tech Specialist | Anti Hacker & Cyber Defense | Digital Forensic Analyst

JINCE T THOMAS, professional nickname Cyber Jince; he is the Hon. Assistant Commander to Kerala Police Cyberdome and working as the Legal Tech Specialist at his own Legal Tech firm Cyber JINCE Legal Tech and for Newtons Law LLP, Kochi & Delhi. He has 15 years of experience in the field of Digital Technology, Media, and Research. He has been labeled as Anti Hacker Specialist by the public because of many YouTube accounts and other social media accounts of prominent YouTuber’s and press media organizations that have been hacked by the hackers who have made history by retrieving in a very short period of time with very high success rate. He is one among the few Legal Tech specialists in south India who is regularly handling complicated cyber legal issues and digital forensic of social media crimes.  His academic qualification includes LLB, CL (Delhi), MBA (Madurai), JMC (Madurai), Digital Forensics, and BSc (Kodaikanal). YouTube by Google LLC Officially Certified as Professional in Content Strategy.

Experience & Expertise in – Banking, Digital Media, Broadcasting Media, Movies, Social Media Networks

What is Legal Tech

Legal Tech, or Legal Technology, is a single or set of technological solutions for law firms, lawyers, businesses, Govt. and Non-Govt. organizations built to simplify, optimize, and automate their operations. “Cyber Jince Legal Tech” This is a Startup Company that integrates my learning and vision on how digital technology, media, and law can best benefit others and gives them the advice and technical support they need. Professionally I am sure that the next digital world is only for those who know law and technology. The problem that legal professionals now face with traditional legal methods is their ignorance of digital technology. This is where the need for experienced experts like me in various fields comes into play.

The biggest failure of individuals,  professionals, business organizations, or media is the lack of technical and community knowledge in dealing with new media. Each new media has its own policies and is constantly being updated. It is very difficult to keep abreast of these changes. These thoughts provoked me to choose cyber journalism and then reach new heights in the field of Cyber Law & Tech, including copyright law, E commerce Law, Crypto Currency and Blockchain Law.

Started my career with All India Radio and later on, I landed in ShareChat (India’s Biggest Social Media Network) after a long journey with YouTube MCN. Over the past 15 years of my experience and research in the field of Digital Technology, Movies, Media, and Cyberspace, I started practice as a Legal Tech consultant and advisor in cyberspace, and now I am partnering with various organizations, Individuals, and more to protect and handle their Cyberspace, Digital assets, Cyber Security, Cyber Defence & Law.

I donned many hats before launching myself in the field of Cyber Law & Tech. From interesting fields like the Hospitality Industry, Movies, Commercials, Radio, TV & Media organizations to being selected as the Honorary Officer of the Kerala Police Cyberdome in a span of fourteen years, it has been a truly amazing experience.

Although I have established myself here, I am striving to see myself as the unique Cyber Law, Media, and Legal Tech Expert in my career dealing with media, law, and technology.

Present & Past positions held

  • Hon. Asst. Commander – Kerala Police Cyberdome
  • Founder & CEO at Cyber Jince Legal Tech
  • Cyber Law & Legal Tech Specialist –  Newtons Law, Kochi
  • Digital Forensic & Social Media Analyst
  • Digital Copyright & Trade Mark Specialist
  • Consultant & Digital Strategist – Kairali TV
  • Consultant & Digital Strategist – Kairali News
  • YouTube Rights Manager – Janam TV
  • YouTube Certified Professional
  • Cyber Legal & Media Advisor – DSMC (Department of Sacred & Media Communications)
  • Cyber & Nodal Advisor – KCBC Media Commission
  • PRESS Member – KJU & News Media
  • Former Regional Head Malayalam – ShareChat
  • Former Digital Media Conusltant – Mangalam TV
  • Former Digital Operations  – AY TV
  • Former Manager – RadioMacfast 90.4
  • Former Consultant – Community Radio Services Kerala
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