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Cyber Lawyer | Anti – Piracy & IPR Consultant | Digital Business & Revenue Strategist | Digital Forensic Examiner

JINCE T. THOMAS, known professionally as Cyber JINCE, is the Hon. Assistant Commander to Kerala Police Cyberdome . He works as a Cyber Lawyer at his own legal tech firm, Cyber JINCE Legal Tech, Newtons Law Kochi. In addition, he is a Consultant and Associate with various organizations in the legal and digital sector.  He has 16 years of experience in the areas of Digital Technology, Social Media, Banking, FM Radio, Television, and Law. The public has labeled him as an Anti-Hacker Specialist due to the fact that many YouTube accounts and other social media accounts of prominent YouTubers and media companies have been hacked by hackers who have made history by recovering in a short time with a very high success rate. In south India, he is one of the few Legal Tech specialists handling complicated cyber legal and digital tech issues including cyber crimes. His academic qualifications include LLB, Cyber Law (Delhi), MBA, and PGJMC. YouTube by Google LLC Officially Certified as a YouTube Certified Professional in Content Strategy and Google Certified in Google News. He has also achieved certifications in Cyberpsychology and Digital Forensics. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Law & Crimes

Experience & Expertise in – Cyber Law, Anti Piracy Law, Trade Mark IPR, Banking, Digital Media, Television Media, Movies, Social Media Networks

Legal Tech by Cyber JINCE

Legal Tech, or Legal Technology, is a single or set of technological solutions for law firms, lawyers, businesses, Govt. and Non-Govt. Organizations are built to simplify, optimize, and automate their operations. “Cyber Jince Legal Tech” is not a company geared toward making a profit, but it is the vision of a passionate individual in the field of cyber technology. Using my learnings and experience from the cyber world, I am trying to integrate my learning and vision of how digital technology, social media, and IT law can best benefit others and give them the advice and support they need. Professionally I am sure that the next digital world is only for those who know law and technology. The problem that legal professionals now face with traditional legal methods is their ignorance of digital technology. This is where the need for experienced experts like me in various fields comes into play.

The biggest failure of individuals, professionals, business organizations, or the media is the lack of technical and community knowledge in dealing with new media. Each new media platform has its policies and is constantly updated. It is very difficult to keep abreast of these changes. These thoughts provoked me to choose cyber journalism and then reach greater heights in the field of Cyber Law & Tech, including copyright law, E-commerce Law, Crypto Currency, and Blockchain Law.

Started my career with All India Radio and later on, I landed in ShareChat (India’s Biggest Social Media Network) after a long journey with YouTube MCN. As a result of 16 years of experience and research in Digital Technology, Movies, Media, and Cyberspace, I began my practice as a Legal Tech consultant and advisor in cyberspace, and now I am partnering with various organizations, individuals, and more to protect and handle their Cyberspace, digital assets, cyber security, cyber defense, and cyber law.

I donned many hats before launching myself into the field of Cyber Law & Tech. In sixteen years, I have had the opportunity to work in interesting fields such as the Hospitality Industry, Movies, Social Media Networks, Radio, TV & Media, to being selected as the Ho. Asst. Commander to Kerala Police Cyberdome.

Although I have established myself here, I am striving to see myself as the unique Cyber Law, Media, and Legal Tech Expert in my career dealing with media, law, and technology. & Jince T. Thomas MBA , LLB,  Hon. Asst. Commander of the Kerala Police Cyberdome, Cyber Law, Legal Tech, and Anti Piracy Specialist. Cyber Media & Digital Tech Adviser to various media networks, Digital Forensic Examiner, and Digital Council Member for US-based GLG Tech and Guide Point. He is also the Cyber Law & Tech Expert at Newtons Law Kochi. Prior to entering cyberspace, he worked as a Cyber Journalist & Researcher. He later served as the Head of Malayalam Operations for ShareChat, India’s first and largest social media network, and as Head of Content and Media Partnership at the YouTube MCN Network. YouTube officially Certified Professional by YouTube and Google Certified in Digital Growth and AI Future also Completed the Official training from Facebook in Content & Brand Management. He specializes in Digital Rights, Digital Media, IPR, Cyber Law, Cyber Security, Digital Forensics, Anti Piracy, Block Chain, and Crypto Currency.

Present Positions held

  • Hon.Asst.Commander Kerala Police Cyberdome
  • Founder & CEO at JIEL Biz Tech
  • Cyber Law & Tech Expert –  Newtons Law, Kochi
  • Digital Forensic & Antipiracy Specialist
  • Digital Copyright & Trade Mark Consultant
  • YouTube Certified Professional
  • Google News Certified Professional
  • Digital Media & Cyber Legal Advisor – DSMC (Department of Sacred & Media Communications)
  • Legal Tech advisor – Gallery Vision Kochi & UAE
  • Digital Business & Legal Advisor – Focus News TV
  • Digital Strategist – Malayalam Communications
  • Social Media Consulatant – Janam TV
  • Digital Business & Legal & GST Consultant – Royal Sky Holidays
  • Certified in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain law
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